Benefits of Performing Arts at Vibe SCV

Whether you like to sing, dance, act, or play an instrument, participating in the performing arts has life-long benefits. While there are tons of options for extracurricular activities for your child today, the performing arts is one that helps foster valuable life skills and instill an early love of the arts.

Critical Reflection of Feedback
In the performing arts, students learn to take both positive and constructive feedback gracefully and apply it to their actions moving forward. This skill is paramount in life after school, and starting to work on this skill early in the environment of performing arts allows students to grow comfortable at their own pace.

Teamwork and Collaboration
One of the best ways to learn how to communicate and coordinate is through the arts. Whether it be acting in a scene together on stage or performing a musical duet, collaborative skills are incredibly helpful and important at all ages and in all walks of life. Each individual in a scene or song needs to be fulfilling their own part, as well as staying aware of other parts and reacting appropriately or adapting when necessary.

Self Confidence
Confidence comes in many forms and is expressed in many ways. Drama and music helps students become more confident in not just their artistic abilities, but general public speaking, body language, and their abilities and choices, creative or otherwise. Even the shyest students can find what sparks confidence in them and carry it with them through school and careers.

Motivation and Discipline
Learning lines or mastering an instrument takes a great deal of practice. Students in the performing arts are given a creative outlet to foster discipline through classes, lessons, at home practice, and even performance. Students learn how much success depends on hard work, and how to develop self motivation to give their best performance.

It’s Fun!
Most importantly, the arts are a great source of lifelong happiness and fun. Even if the long term goal isn’t to be a professional performer, participating in the performing arts because you simply enjoy it is as good of a reason as any other.