Happy 25th Anniversary Vibe! Winter Classes Forming Now

Vibe Performing Arts is celebrating 25 years in business this year!

It has been an absolute delight to serve the Santa Clarita Valley for all this time, and we hope to continue to be your number one choice for performing arts lessons in Santa Clarita.

Many of our instructors and other staff have been teaching here for years, or have even taken lessons here themselves. We asked our staff for some of their favorite memories from their time here at Vibe, and we’d like to feature a few of them for you here.

“My favorite memory so far at Vibe is watching the recitals for the group classes that me and Lillia co-teach. Seeing the effort the students have put into learning guitar and working on their favorite song we have done in the class is very awesome to see, along with the proud parents watching their kid show off their skills come the final class recital. Seeing them excited about learning how to play guitar is what it’s all about! For many of these students it is the first time they ever even played a chord on guitar, and so being a part of showing them the awesomeness that is the guitar, is a very cool thing. “ – Guitar Instructor Matt R.


“I have been teaching magic classes for about five years now. And of everything that I do magical, the most popular magic of all is when I bring my bunny rabbit to VIBE! Everyone loves the bunny, students and staff alike. Now if only I could teach the bunny to teach my classes, I could retire. “ – Master Magician Doug

“The first memory I have at Vibe was my part as the non-speaking role of Sludge the Dog in our production of Nate the Great and the Fishy Prize, as I was a bit too young for the production but desperately wanted to be in the same play as my older sister! Since then, I’ve taking singing and drum classes at Vibe, and returned this past year to work the front desk. It’s amazing to see how much has changed, and then how much everything has also stayed the same.” – Customer Service Representative Cait.