ACTING classes are designed for all levels. From choosing an agent, on-camera basics, or theatrical training, our instructors ( including Susan Olsen from The Brady Bunch, Tracey Gold from Growing Pains, Jessica Stone and Joe Nieves from Disney) have both the knowledge and experience to offer the most beneficial coaching available. Showcases are held twice a year and Industry Professionals are invited to scout VIBE students.

PRESCHOOL SING/ACT – Little ones learn about working on a stage, taking directions and more!

VOICE OVER (VO)- Learn how to change your voice with various styles and techniques. Great class for those interested in auditioning for commercials, radio, animations, etc.

BROADWAY KIDZ- Sing, Dance and Act while learning stage technique and participate in mini-shows. All students are featured!

Private Coaching available!

Musical Theatre: Fall 2018 Annie Kids  | Spring 2018  Wizard of Oz – With a Twist

Welcome to our Fall Session

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Acting for kids with Tracey Gold
Tues 8/22   6:00-6:50pm Ages 6-12   12 weeks  (no classes Halloween 10/31)

Teens Act with Tracey Gold
 8/22  7:00-7:50pm Ages Teens 12 weeks (no classes Halloween 10/31)

Preschooler Act Sing with Jessica Stone
Wed 8/23   3:00-3:45pm Ages 3-5 12 weeks   

Broadway Kidz with Jessica Stone
Wed 8/23  4:00-4:50pm Ages 7-12   12 weeks $180

Acting for kids with Susan Olsen
Thur 8/24   4:00-4:50pm Ages 6-12 12 weeks 

Teens Act with Susan Olsen
Thur 8/24  5:00-5:50pm Ages Teens 12 weeks   $240

Sketch Comedy/ Improv with Susan Olsen 
Thur 8/24  6:00-6:50pm Ages 10-17 12 weeks  *$80.00 if enrolled in another acting class

Adults Act with
Mark Mc Quown

Thur 8/24    7:00-7:50pm Ages Adults 12 weeks   

Acting for Kids w/Susan Olsen
Fri 8/25   4:00-4:50pm Ages 6-12         12  weeks   

Pro Kids/Teens Act with Susan Olsen
Fri 8/25    5:00-5:50pm Ages Teens      12 weeks   (no classes Veterans Day 11/10)