Vibe offers private instruction for Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Wind Instruments, String Instruments & Brass Instruments. 

*New Vibe Band Rocks – Play in a band. Learn Stage Presence and more while Playing in a Band. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/piano & singers welcome. We are so excited to get our Private Students started in this great New VIBE Program. Non-Private Student are welcome as well! Instrument knowledge is required. Click For More

Vibe Group Classes Include:

Keyboard 1 – Learn To Read Music And Play Your Favorites! Learning Materials May Need To Be Purchased. Keyboards Are Provided In Class, and are Available For Rent, ($19/Mo) or Purchase for home practice (Supplies Limited).

Guitar 1 – Learn The Basics, Chord Structure, Strumming Skills, Scales, and More. Approx. $10-$50 of learning materials will need to be purchased. Guitars required and are available for rent ($19/Mo) or purchase (Supplies Limited). 

Ukulele – Students are introduced fingerings, Strumming Skills, Scales, and More. Learning Materials will Need To Be Purchased. Ukulele Required and are Available For Purchase.

Drums Learn Technique, Basic Reading, Rudiments and More. Learning materials may need to be purchased. Class materials cost approx. $30 and include drum pad and sticks.