Keyboard 1 & 2 – Learn To Read Music And Play Your Favorites! Learning Materials May Need To Be Purchased. Keyboards Are Provided In Class, And Are Also Available For Rent ($19/Mo) Or Purchase For Home Practice (Supplies Limited). Min: 4 Max: 10 (5-7 Year Old- Max 7). Tuesday,  Wednesday & Saturday Classes- 10wks Cost: $150

Guitar 1 – Learn The Basics, Chord Structure, Strumming Skills, Scales, And MoreApprox. $10-$50 Of Learning Materials Will Need To Be Purchased. Guitars Required, And Are Available For Rent ($19/Mo) Or Purchase (Supplies Limited). Min: 4 Max: 12. Thursday, Friday & Saturday Classes- 10wks Cost: $150

Violin – Vibe also offers Violin lessons 8 weeks $120

Drums – Learn Technique, Basic Reading, Rudiments And More. Learning Materials May Need To Be Purchased. Class Materials Cost Approx. $30 And Include Drum Pad And Sticks.  Min: 4 Max: 15. Thursdays- 10wks Cost: $150

Percussion & Drumline – Percussion instruments are usually played as part of a musical marching ensemble. Learn to read drum notes and rudimental drumming. Drum Line 10 weeks $150

Flute – Vibe also offers Flute lessons, (Beginning) (Intermediate) 8 weeks $120